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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [OT] The trick is to keep breathing
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 21:26:06 GMT

I'm a little too bit too close to the ground to be an Apache
philosopher, but anyway, there are many different reason we are all
doing what we do, i.e spending a lot of hours working on an Apache
project :

 - it is funny to code, and when you get older, this is something
difficult to do for money (it seems that you need to be under 23 to do
valuable code in a private company ;-)

 - it helps when you are a light sleeper... ok, I know, I also tried
Thomas Mann, Soljenitsyne, Balzac, Kant, De Lilo or Paul Auster, but
when you can't sleep, it's too boring. Let's do something funny !

 - you are able to work on projects that have close to zero percent
chance to grow in your private company. For instance, how many companies
are writing a LdapServer ? 5 ? How lucky are you to be part of their
crew, being french or corean? (hi, Trustin ;)

 - the only pressure you feel is the one your pride put on you. It can
be an heavy pressure ;)

 - when you are the one who has broke something, no customer while yell
at you. Your pride will do...

 - no marketing bullsh*t !!!

 - nothing will be more important that deliver the best product. No more
design-to-cost/cost-to-design bullsh*t. Just common-sense.

 - no manager to put some pressure on you and telling you "forget unit-
tests ! we have customer, don't we ???"

 - a lot of smart people around the block to share ideas/drinks with.

 - no "I have a biggest salary than you, jerk", or "bet who is the

 - a lot of thing to learn !!! 

 - a way to explain your girlfriend/boyfriend that having a computer in
the living-room is not only to watch mellow/porn movies ..., it's also
to be part of the Free World.

Well, I above all agree that it's an opportunity to drink beers and good
wine with good mates. Guys, this is certainly the most important thing
with Open Source : it helps to Open Bottles.


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