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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: losing packets when load testing my mina app
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 04:58:06 GMT
During load testing, I've also experienced connection resets and
drops, but they disappeared when I gave the JVM more memory to play
with.  Search in the archives for this (-Xms and something else i


On 7/13/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> 2005/7/13, Alex Burmester <>: 
> > Hi Trustin, I have built a protocol router on top of mina
> > and it generally runs very well.
> Great.
> > I have found that when I fire up about 100 threads and pound on it with my
> > load testing client that I do get a few lost packets that never make it to
> > the mina server process.  I did a tcpdump and found that the server
> > machine is issuing tcp resets on the packets that are not showing up.
> > Not sure why yet.  I assume that it's some tcp parameters I need to bump
> > up on the linux box but I thought I would check with you to see if there
> > are any tunable parameters in the mina framework or in the jvm that you
> > know of that I should check.
> Well, are you using MINA 0.7.3?  Please try to upgrade to 0.7.3 if you're
> using an older version.  You can configure all socket parameters by calling
> IoSession.getConfig() and downcasting the returned object into
> SocketSessionConfig.  To configure ServerSocketChannel, you'll have to
> upgrade to 0.9 for now. 
> Please let me know the result after you upgrade to 0.7.3. 
> Trustin-- 
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