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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject Running apacheds as a standalone
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 06:42:42 GMT

There's now a maven goal in the main module called 'standalone'.

Thus, 'maven standalone' will produce an, holding

- all required dependencies in a /lib dir.
- and apacheds-server.bat scripts, which set up the 
server using a default spring config. file (apacheds-server.xml). They 
also create a logs dir, holding an apacheds.log file. They use memory 
arg.s also - the min heapsize is 128M and the max is 256M.
- you can override the default spring default file by including an 
argument after the call to apacheds-server

thus ' foo.xml' would use the foo.xml Spring config. file.

Please note that the apacheds-server.bat file might need work. I dont 
have time to access a Windows machine running subversion to test it, but 
it looks okay. If someone is using Windows and feels like duplicating 
what they see in (or improving both), then please do 
so. :) Please feel free to improve them, this is only a first step but 
it seems to cover basic standalone needs.

Best of all, newcomers need only build the standalone and execute the 
standalone script without having to think about configuring the server 
or editing a Spring config. file.

Lastly, the file is now excluded from the typical jar 
of ApacheDS, to prevent it from conflicting with parent applications in 
an embedded situation. The standalone build includes a

I think that's it. If anyone has any questions, feedback, or 
suggestions, please let me know.



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