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From Aaron Hamid <>
Subject searchable java context implementation
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 15:00:57 GMT

  I am intending to write a small service which maintains a list of "task" entries which can
be submitted, acknowledged, and searched.  The entries are going to be a fairly simple flat
data structure with things like 'submittor', 'recipient', 'submission date', 'message', etc.
 Although I could write a search API which searches on individual fields, or perhaps a slightly
more robust API that searches on a union of fields with implicit AND/OR semantics, I think
it would be much more elegant to provide something like rfc 2254 ldap search s-expressions.
 My question is: does anybody know of a searchable Java context implementation?  I have tried
MirrorCtx, and although it does have the nice feature of persistence, it does not implement
a searchable API (DirContext).  Actually I think there are several shallow "java" context
implementations (ubiquitously seen in applications like Tomcat, etc.), but I have not found
any that provide search functionality.  I'm thinking something s
imple like commons-beanutils property syntax, or OGNL property syntax.

e.g. dirctx.bind(name, bean, ...);"java:/", "(|(&(color=red)(price>2)))(shape=round)(name=*foo*)))");

It seems like a searchable java context implementation would be useful in many areas.


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