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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [discussion] Lowering barrier for perspective committers
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 20:22:00 GMT
Jörg Henne a écrit :

> Alex,
> although I don't really aspire to become a AD committer, I'd like to 
> emphasize how important your observation is. I've been working with AD 
> for some time now, albeit very intermittendly.
> My experience is that the learning curve is quite steep and the 
> barrier of entry somewhat high, due to the following two reasons:
> o The lack of documentation. The AD documentation seems quite 
> fragmented. In places where there is documentation, it is rather good 
> (e.g. authentication), but in other places it is severely lacking. In 
> particular with respect to what I would call the "big picture" or 
> "strategy" and the core design. Therefore I'm looking forward to your 
> effort of creating educational material about this.
> o This strategy, big picture or whatever you want to call it, is the 
> second problem area I see. The documentation and web site doesn't 
> clearly convey where AD wants to go. 

I think that it should be very clear : ADS want to be a LDAP server, 
LdapV3 compliant, written in Java. This is it. Ok, there are other 
targets, too, like being a good place to experiment X500 extensions, 
etc, but first we must get this 1.0 release out ! We need to be rock 
solid. We need to be simple to use.

> This may be due to the fact that it doesn't want to go anywhere 
> particular (i.e. live happily in the "base technology" area). Still I 
> think it is crucial to be able to ship a base package which is useful 
> in itself and is designed with a particular goal in mind.
> To give you an example of what I'm thinking of:
> A few days ago I posted a question (without getting an answer) 

Yeah, sorry about it. I read it, get stuck with no answer, and, being 
tired by trepidous work being on to finish performance tests for 
ApacheCon EU, well, I forgot to answer something like : "Sorry, I don't 
know, we will try to find out an answer, be patient". My bad...

> about storing the partition configuration on the system partition. 
> This has clearly been part of the vision once 
> (ou=partitions,ou=configuration,ou=system), but has never been 
> implemented as far as I can see, and has never been documented as 
> missing. So, why did I ask this question? In order to be able to ship 
> a self-contained AD-SAR for JBoss, there has to be a way of 
> configuring it. Currently the configuration lives within the SAR which 
> is quite inconvenient, since I want the SAR to be a ZIP, not a 
> directory. To solve this, one could either invent a proprietary 
> configuration format (in contrast to the standard but inconvenient 
> jboss-service.xml) and place the configuration in JBoss's conf 
> directory or go straight for what I think would be the "nice" 
> solution, i.e. store the configuration in the system partition.
> What I can do, is to offer some help in two specific areas: the DHCP 
> server and the SAR packaging:
> o With respect to to the SAR packaging I already outlined a few 
> problems I see with its current state. I made some changes to it in 
> order to make it work at all, but I think that a lot more changes 
> whould be necessary in order to make in genuinely and generally useful.
> o I have worked quite a bit on the DHCP server. The problem is that we 
> currently don't really need a full DHCP server in our yet, but just a 
> PXE proxy DHCP server. Nevertheless, a full implementation may be one 
> of our future goals and my code already contains quite a lot of what 
> would be needed for the full implementation.

Any help is welcome !
 We need energy, enthousiasm, and more committers :)


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