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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [OT] Fascination with OSGi ( was [discussion] Lowering barrier for perspective committers)
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 18:57:26 GMT

Man this is a ghost from the past :).  Nice to know you're out there and 
still committing on Pico/Nano.

Paul Hammant wrote:
>>> o OSGi effort,
>> Would help out all I can to move this forward. Unfortunately the OSGi
>> effort is an effort that requires a big picture view of ADS internals
>> and project direction. My ignorance of both has impeded my efforts to
>> help with much with the OSGi effort to date.
> This is a question to many perhaps, what's the fascination with OSGi.

It's got a spec and is endorsed by big companies with lots of money and 
people to put on it.

> To me it's a horrifyingly over-engineered framework.

Well that's an opinion.  I can feel that way at times though but perhaps 
you should post this to the Felix mailing list and engage those peeps 
that know more than I about it.

> If you feel this is inappropriate for this forum, please email me back 
> personally.

NP.  You might want to ask this over at 


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