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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject SCIMple, current state of Apache LDAP 2.0, and Java 9/10/11
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2018 07:40:18 GMT
Hi guys,

I've been a bit silent those last days, being stuck with loads of work
and parenting tasks...

I will try to get the site updated tonite (EU time) with SCIMple on it.
I will do that on the staging site, so you can provide some feedback
before we publish the site to the world. We may need some blurb of
information to introduce the project, but this can be done next week.

Otherwise, the APache LDAP API 2.0 is on its way, I have fixed a long
lasting ticket about reshuffling the error/messages numbering - quite a
pain in the back...- and I still have a pending issue in ApacheDS with
this revision : one failing test, related to using teh
DelegatingAuthenticator, when using startTLS. It's complicated, because
it involves a client (the LDAP API), a server, which talks to another
server using the LDAP API, and MINA. Of course to muddy the thing, there
are connection timeout issues - a bug I fixed and I still have to commit -.

Once I get ApacheDS compiling with no error, I will be able to cut the
LDAP API release and ApacheDS release, something much wanted for Studio.
This release will be a major step forwards, so it's important to have it
working fine.

Last, not least, it's probably time to try to have all thos projects
working fine with the latest Java version (and specificlly with Java 11
which will be the LTS version). We have more and more people
complainging about issues with those versions, but I o think it's not an
enormous tasks we have in front of us.

Feel free to comment !

Thanks !
Emmanuel Lecharny

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