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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: SCIMple, current state of Apache LDAP 2.0, and Java 9/10/11
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2018 13:30:15 GMT
Hi guys,

a quick update :

SCIMple :

- the SCIMple basic we site is done
- the SCIMple JIRA space has been created
(, an I have made Shawn
Smith admin of this space

ApacheDS :

- I have fixed the failing startTLS test (which was in fact an LDAP API
error : the SslFilter was not added to the chain)
- ApacheDS is now building fine

I think I will start to cut a release of the Apache LDAP API 2.0.0-AM1
(first milestone before a release) and a ApachedS 2.0.0-AM25. I just
have to test if Studio works fine with both those guys. Will do that one
of those coming evenings, when teh baby will sleep ;-)

Thanks !

On 2018/07/01 07:40:18, Emmanuel L├ęcharny <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've been a bit silent those last days, being stuck with loads of work
> and parenting tasks...
> I will try to get the site updated tonite (EU time) with SCIMple on
> it.
> I will do that on the staging site, so you can provide some feedback>
> before we publish the site to the world. We may need some blurb of
> information to introduce the project, but this can be done next week.
> Otherwise, the APache LDAP API 2.0 is on its way, I have fixed a long
> lasting ticket about reshuffling the error/messages numbering - quite
> a pain in the back...- and I still have a pending issue in ApacheDS
> with this revision : one failing test, related to using teh
> DelegatingAuthenticator, when using startTLS. It's complicated,
> because it involves a client (the LDAP API), a server, which talks to
> another server using the LDAP API, and MINA. Of course to muddy the
> thing, there are connection timeout issues - a bug I fixed and I still
> have to commit -.
> Once I get ApacheDS compiling with no error, I will be able to cut the
> LDAP API release and ApacheDS release, something much wanted for
> Studio. This release will be a major step forwards, so it's important
> to have it working fine.
> Last, not least, it's probably time to try to have all thos projects
> working fine with the latest Java version (and specificlly with Java
> 11 which will be the LTS version). We have more and more people
> complainging about issues with those versions, but I o think it's not
> an enormous tasks we have in front of us.
> Feel free to comment !
> Thanks !

Emmanuel Lecharny

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