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From "kevin" <kevinl...@gmail.com>
Subject Implement a http service data source plugin
Date Mon, 25 May 2015 13:32:20 GMT
   I'm working on implementing a new data source plugin (StoragePlugin), to query data from
a http service which response json data. At right now, i can query like this:

   select * from http.`q=avi&p=2` where count > 100

   As you can see, i pass the http service query string by the table name `q=avi&p=2`,
and which means the query string is STATIC. But in the real world a dynamic query string based
on other query result is more useful. (Am i right ?)
   If i want to support dynamic query string, does that mean i must implement StoragePluginOptimizerRule
? (which mongo storage plugin implemented, to transform query to mongodb query)
   Say how about my query like this:

   select * from http.dummy where reservsed_q='q=avi&p=2' and count > 100

   I make a `reserved_q` to store the http query, and this string can be dynamic. And in my
StoragePluginOptimizerRule, i must get `reserved_q` value, and consume the expression `reserved_q`.

   So my question is, is this a good way (or suggest way) to do ? And can you guys give me
some code hints to implement this, since  StoragePluginOptimizerRule is a bit complicated
to understand ?

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