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Subject [GitHub] [drill] cgivre commented on a change in pull request #1892: DRILL-7437: Storage Plugin for Generic HTTP REST API
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2020 17:37:21 GMT
cgivre commented on a change in pull request #1892: DRILL-7437: Storage Plugin for Generic
URL: https://github.com/apache/drill/pull/1892#discussion_r392695362

 File path: contrib/storage-http/README.md
 @@ -0,0 +1,218 @@
+# Generic REST API Storage Plugin
+This plugin is intended to enable you to query APIs over HTTP/REST. At this point, the API
reader will only accept JSON as input however in the future, it may be possible to
+ add additional format readers to allow for APIs which return XML, CSV or other formats.
+Note:  This plugin should **NOT** be used for interacting with tools which have REST APIs
such as Splunk or Solr. It will not be performant for those use cases.  
+## Configuration
+To configure the plugin, create a new storage plugin, and add the following configuration
options which apply to ALL connections defined in this plugin:
+  "type": "http",
+  "connection": "https://<your url here>/",
+  "cacheResults": true,
+  "timeout": 0,
+  "enabled": true
+The options are:
+* `type`:  This should be `http`
+* `cacheResults`:  Enable caching of the HTTP responses
+* `timeout`:  Sets the response timeout in seconds. Defaults to `0` which is no timeout.

+### Configuring the API Connections
+The HTTP Storage plugin allows you to configure multiple APIS which you can query directly
from this plugin. To do so, first add a `connections` parameter to the configuration
+. Next give the connection a name, which will be used in queries.  For instance `stockAPI`
or `jira`.
+The `connection` can accept the following options:
+* `url`: The base URL which Drill will query. You should include the ending slash if there
are additional arguments which you are passing.
+* `method`: The request method. Must be `get` or `post`. Other methods are not allowed and
will default to `GET`.  
+* `headers`: Often APIs will require custom headers as part of the authentication. This field
allows you to define key/value pairs which are submitted with the http request
+.  The format is:
+headers: {
+   "key1":, "Value1",
+   "key2", "Value2"
+* `authType`: If your API requires authentication, specify the authentication type. At the
time of implementation, the plugin only supports basic authentication, however, the
+ plugin will likely support OAUTH2 in the future. Defaults to `none`. If the `authType` is
set to `basic`, `username` and `password` must be set in the configuration as well. 
+ * `username`: The username for basic authentication. 
+ * `password`: The password for basic authentication.
+ * `postBody`: Contains data, in the form of key value pairs, which are sent during a `POST`
request. Post body should be in the form:
+ ```
+## Usage:
+This plugin is different from other plugins in that it the table component of the `FROM`
clause is different. In normal Drill queries, the `FROM` clause is constructed as follows:
+FROM <storage plugin>.<schema>.<table>
+For example, you might have:
+FROM dfs.test.`somefile.csv`
+-- or 
+FROM mongo.stats.sales_data
+The HTTP/REST plugin the `FROM` clause enables you to pass arguments to your REST call. The
structure is:
+FROM <plugin>.<connection>.<arguments>
+--Actual example:
+ FROM http.sunrise.`/json?lat=36.7201600&lng=-4.4203400&date=today`
+## Examples:
+### Example 1:  Reference Data, A Sunrise/Sunset API
+The API sunrise-sunset.org returns data in the following format:
+ ```json
+   {
+         "results":
+         {
+           "sunrise":"7:27:02 AM",
+           "sunset":"5:05:55 PM",
+           "solar_noon":"12:16:28 PM",
+           "day_length":"9:38:53",
+           "civil_twilight_begin":"6:58:14 AM",
+           "civil_twilight_end":"5:34:43 PM",
+           "nautical_twilight_begin":"6:25:47 AM",
+           "nautical_twilight_end":"6:07:10 PM",
+           "astronomical_twilight_begin":"5:54:14 AM",
+           "astronomical_twilight_end":"6:38:43 PM"
+         },
+          "status":"OK"
+       }
+   }
+To query this API, set the configuration as follows:
+ {
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