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Subject [GitHub] [drill] oleg-zinovev edited a comment on pull request #2183: DRILL-6547: IllegalStateException: Tried to remove unmanaged buffer in concat function
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2021 09:49:39 GMT

oleg-zinovev edited a comment on pull request #2183:
URL: https://github.com/apache/drill/pull/2183#issuecomment-791903981

   Thank you so much for reviewing the fix.
   1. Here are the code generated to perform the projection:
   public class ProjectorGen0
       extends ProjectorTemplate
       DrillBuf work0;
       NullableVarCharHolder constant2;
       NullableVarCharVector vv3;
       VarCharVector vv8;
       public ProjectorGen0() {
           try {
           } catch (SchemaChangeException e) {
               throw new UnsupportedOperationException(e);
       public void doEval(int inIndex, int outIndex)
           throws SchemaChangeException
               NullableVarCharHolder out6 = new NullableVarCharHolder();
                   out6 .isSet = vv3 .getAccessor().isSet((inIndex));
                   if (out6 .isSet == 1) {
                       out6 .buffer = vv3 .getBuffer();
                       long startEnd = vv3 .getAccessor().getStartEnd((inIndex));
                       out6 .start = ((int) startEnd);
                       out6 .end = ((int)(startEnd >> 32));
               //---- start of eval portion of concat function. ----//
               VarCharHolder out7 = new VarCharHolder();
                   final VarCharHolder out = new VarCharHolder();
                   NullableVarCharHolder left = constant2;
                   NullableVarCharHolder right = out6;
                   DrillBuf buffer = work0;
       out.buffer = buffer = buffer.reallocIfNeeded((left.end - left.start) + (right.end -
       out.start = out.end = 0;
       int id = 0;
       if (left.isSet == 1) {
           for (id = left.start; id < left.end; id++) {
               out.buffer.setByte(out.end++, left.buffer.getByte(id));
       if (right.isSet == 1) {
           for (id = right.start; id < right.end; id++) {
               out.buffer.setByte(out.end++, right.buffer.getByte(id));
                   work0 = buffer;
                   out7 .start = out.start;
                   out7 .end = out.end;
                   out7 .buffer = out.buffer;
               //---- end of eval portion of concat function. ----//
               vv8 .getMutator().setSafe((outIndex), out7 .start, out7 .end, out7 .buffer);
       public void doSetup(FragmentContext context, RecordBatch incoming, RecordBatch outgoing)
           throws SchemaChangeException
               work0 = (incoming).getContext().getManagedBuffer();
               NullableVarCharHolder out1 = new NullableVarCharHolder();
               constant2 = new NullableVarCharHolder();
               constant2 .isSet = out1 .isSet;
               constant2 .start = out1 .start;
               constant2 .end = out1 .end;
               constant2 .buffer = out1 .buffer;
               int[] fieldIds4 = new int[ 1 ] ;
               fieldIds4 [ 0 ] = 0;
               Object tmp5 = (incoming).getValueAccessorById(NullableVarCharVector.class,
               if (tmp5 == null) {
                   throw new SchemaChangeException("Failure while loading vector vv3 with
id: TypedFieldId [fieldIds=[0], remainder=null].");
               vv3 = ((NullableVarCharVector) tmp5);
               /** start SETUP for function concat **/ 
                   NullableVarCharHolder left = constant2;
                   DrillBuf buffer = work0;
                   work0 = buffer;
               /** end SETUP for function concat **/ 
               int[] fieldIds9 = new int[ 1 ] ;
               fieldIds9 [ 0 ] = 0;
               Object tmp10 = (outgoing).getValueAccessorById(VarCharVector.class, fieldIds9).getValueVector();
               if (tmp10 == null) {
                   throw new SchemaChangeException("Failure while loading vector vv8 with
id: TypedFieldId [fieldIds=[0], remainder=null].");
               vv8 = ((VarCharVector) tmp10);
       public void __DRILL_INIT__()
           throws SchemaChangeException
   As you can see, the buffer is requested from the fragment context in the doSetup method
(which in turn is called within setup). This happens once for each new schema in **ProjectRecordBatch#setupNewSchemaFromInput**
   When calculating the function body, the following buffer usage pattern is used:
   - Extract the current buffer from the class field to a local variable
   - Execute the function body
   - Save the value of the local buffer variable in the class field
   In the current implementation, managed buffer is "reused" for each subsequent row. Therefore,
the result of reallocIfNeeded must be stored in the buffer field declared within the function.
   2. You are not quite right when you say that the result of left. end - left. start will
always be 0. For example, the same implementation of the function will be used in the case
when the first argument is the nullable field of the parquet file, in which not all values
will be null.
   P.S. Perhaps I did not understand you correctly
   3. Unfortunately, I can't use the sample request given in the bug, as it uses a file that
is missing in the Drill project. In addition, this file is uploaded to MapR jira, where I
do not have access. If you can attach a file to the specified Drill bug, I will happily replace
my request with the request given in the bug.
   P.S. I'm sorry for my English 

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