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From luoc <l...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Drill 1.19.0 - RC0
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2021 06:11:42 GMT
  Thanks for doing this. RC0 is no longer eligible for the next step operation. It is a consensus
that we cannot release a version with known issues (the pull request mark as `bug`). In fact,
Drill's release process is not friendly, and we will put these discussion after the release.
Now our focus is on preparing for RC1. BTW, You're doing great.

> 2021年6月4日 下午1:20,Laurent Goujon <laurent@dremio.com> 写道:
> You actually went ahead and merged those patches without waiting while I
> was hoping we could get some consensus first :(
> Can I just ask you to please respect the effort I'm putting in following
> what I think is the release process? If people think I'm not following the
> proper steps or that I'm not doing a good job at doing it, I'll gladly
> accept feedback and will do my best to address it, but going over me isn't
> helping me or the future volunteers for the next releases which might be
> also wondering what's the release process should be.
> Meanwhile I'll wait to get a review for the DRILL-7945 patch fixing the
> Guava regression, and hopefully I should be able to do another release
> candidate tomorrow.
> Laurent
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 5:46 PM luoc <luoc@apache.org> wrote:
>> The DRILL-7945 blocked the release. So, I'm ready to merge the DRILL-7937
>> and DRILL-7940 for bugfix.
>>> 在 2021年6月4日,01:15,Laurent Goujon <laurent@dremio.com> 写道:
>>> Hey guys,
>>> Can we please stop changing the goal post again and again? The fact that
>>> some of those pull requests are ready to merge should not be the sole
>>> consideration when to do a next release candidate.
>>> I've been asking several times on this mailing list about what we want to
>>> include or not, and we got an agreement several times about it, and
>> several
>>> times we are now having this conversation.
>>> IMHO, I would not include DRILL-7941, DRILL-7942 and DRILL-7943: those
>> are
>>> new enhancements impacting Drill tests (not even the main product) and I
>> do
>>> not understand the rush in making them part of the release. Specifically
>>> for the JUnit 5 update, I think the change is misleading because it looks
>>> like it's only the introduction of JUnit5 in one test class and
>> everything
>>> else still uses JUnit 4, so I would hardly call it an upgrade...
>>> As for DRILL-7937 and DRILL-7940, the issues were open in the last 3 days
>>> ago, but they do not seem to be regressions since 1.18.0, just gaps in
>> what
>>> Drill provides. Personally since we are this deep in the release, I would
>>> also skip these one too. But if people have more contexts on those, maybe
>>> we can agree they should be merged?
>>> Laurent
>>>> On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 6:10 AM Charles Givre <cgivre@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> There are like 5 minor PRs that are approved and awaiting merge.  I'd
>> vote
>>>> that we include them.  Specifically:
>>>> DRILL-7943: Update Hamcrest
>>>> DRILL-7942: Update Mockito
>>>> DRILL-7941: Update junit to 5.7.2
>>>> DRILL-7937:  Parquet decimal error
>>>> DRILL-7940: Fix Kafka Key
>>>> These are all approved and can be merged.
>>>> -- C
>>>>>> On Jun 3, 2021, at 9:01 AM, luoc <luoc@apache.org> wrote:
>>>>> DRILL-7940, too
>>>>>> 在 2021年6月3日,19:57,Charles Givre <cgivre@gmail.com>
>>>>>> -1 (Binding)
>>>>>> I'd agree with Nick.  Drill-7937 should be included in this release.
>>>>>> -- C
>>>>>>> On Jun 2, 2021, at 9:25 AM, Nick Stenroos-Dam <Nisd@project.bi>
>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Vote -1
>>>>>>> Can we please include  DRILL-7937

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