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From Andrew Psaltis <Andrew.Psal...@Webtrends.com>
Subject RE: What do you want out of Apache Drill?
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 20:33:00 GMT
> So, What do you want Apache Drill to help you with?

I also want what Julian wants in respect to #1 (A SQL interface in addition to DrQL interface),
but Santa I also would like the following:

1.  An ability to generate a plan for a Map Reduce framework, more specifically to generate
a plan that can be executed by Spark.  That plan can start with the stack at a low level that
then we could walk and do the "correct" thing in Spark.
2. A follow on to #2 would be to generate the Java or Scala code that could be used to drive
then generation of a Spark RDD

I realize that this is perhaps outside of the scope of Drill, but I would be willing and ready
to work on making this gift a become reality.


Dear Santa,

Here's what I'd like:

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Subject: Re: What do you want out of Apache Drill?

On Dec 6, 2012, at 10:36 AM, Jacques Nadeau <jacques.drill@gmail.com> wrote:

> So, What do you want Apache Drill to help you with?

Dear Santa,

Here's what I'd like:

1 A SQL interface (in addition to DrQL interface)
2 JDBC driver
3 Access to the stack at a lower level (i.e. a way to use the high-performance scan operators
without writing a query)
4 Ability to query in-memory Java data in a compact form (e.g. arrays of primitives or nio

1+2 so that I can run Mondrian on Drill.
3 so that I can use Optiq to combine Drill data with data from other systems.
4 so that I can change Mondrian's cache implementation from "java objects" to "in-memory database",
whose blocks are managed by a cache such as jboss infinispan

I know some of these are outside of Drill's scope. If so, feel free to disregard. But if you
don't ask, you don't get. :)


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