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From Shawn O'Connor <socon...@falconknight.com>
Subject Re: What do you want out of Apache Drill?
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 18:57:34 GMT
Once it is ready, I'd like to replace our traditional SQL servers with Drill. Our use case
is realtime statistical analytics (Average, standard deviation, sum, etc.) on user specified
groups of data.

Our traditional SQL solution works okay up to about 300k rows but starts to become slow (>
3 seconds) beyond that. We've worked around it by having multiple SQL servers and sending
the queries to them asynchronously, collecting the varied responses and then returning the
results. We need to be able to handle 12 million rows, still hopefully in a real-time manner.
In addition, the drill approach would shift the complexity from the sharding data.

I've attached a sample query as an attachment.


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