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From Luca Morandini <lmorand...@ieee.org>
Subject Re: Querying GeoJSON
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2014 09:28:27 GMT
On 10/08/14 17:16, Yash Sharma wrote:
> My Bad Luca. I was referring to arrays.
> Now since *features* is an array - Drill would not be able to iterate over
> the array - similar to any sql query. Currently we also do not have any
> array filtering functions which could work on the entire array to filter
> out values like properties/type/geometry.
> So for time being we will have to use array indexes to reach a particular
> value inside the array.

It is now clear, thanks for the explanation.

> You can also file a Jira where someone can pick it up.

Well, rather than a single issue, it looks like Drill's community has to make up 
his mind about the JSON support it would like to offer.

By playing with Drill and JSON today, I learnt:
1) Valid JSON is not always accepted by Drill; actually, tuples cannot be 
separated by commas, making a collection of tuples accepted by Drill an invalid JSON;
2) Tuples expressed as an array of Objects (like in GeoJSON or CouchDB views) are 
not supported;
3) JSON arrays supported by Drill cannot contain mixed types (which is the norm in 

In more general terms,I would rather know which subset of JSON (or JSON-like 
format) Drill supports.


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University of Melbourne
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