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From Kunal Ghosh <kuna...@icedq.com>
Subject Regarding drill jdbc with big file
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:47:20 GMT

I am new to apache drill. I have configured apache drill on machine with centos.


I have a 600 mb and 3 gb json file [sample file attached]. When i fire query on
relativly small size file everything works fine but as I fire same query with
600 mb and 3 gb files it gives following error.

Query -
select tbl5.product_id product_id,tbl5.gender gender,tbl5.item_number
item_number,tbl5.price price,tbl5.description
description,tbl5.color_swatch.image image,tbl5.color_swatch.color color from
(select tbl4.product_id product_id,tbl4.gender gender,tbl4.item_number
item_number,tbl4.price price,tbl4.size.description
description,FLATTEN(tbl4.size.color_swatch) color_swatch from
(select tbl3.product_id product_id,tbl3.catalog_item.gender
gender,tbl3.catalog_item.item_number item_number,tbl3.catalog_item.price
price,FLATTEN(tbl3.catalog_item.size) size from
(select tbl2.product.product_id as product_id,FLATTEN(tbl2.product.catalog_item)
as catalog_item from
(select FLATTEN(tbl1.catalog.product) product from dfs.root.`demo.json` tbl1)
tbl2) tbl3) tbl4) tbl5
Error -

SYSTEM ERROR: IllegalArgumentException: initialCapacity: -2147483648 (expectd:

Fragment 0:0

[Error Id: 60cf1b95-762d-4a0d-8cae-a2db418d4ea9 on sinhagad:31010]


1) Am i doing someting wrong or missing something ( probably because i am not
using cluster ?? ).

Please guide me through this.

Thanks & Regards

Kunal Ghosh
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