Hi Team,

I am trying to query a file under folder 't/atms-csv.csv' which I can successfully do it. 

Inline image 1

There is another file in that location which as additional data from another day (both file columnmodel). when I try query recursively using folder name 't' which shows below error
Inline image 2
Tried queries (All doesnt worked out):
1. select * from `t/`;
2. select * from `/t/`;
3. select * from dfs.`t/`;
4. select * from dfs`/t/`;
5. select * from fs.`t/`;
6. select * from fs`/t/`;

I am using below versions,
Drill - 1.6.0
S3 protool: S3n (also tried S3, S3a)
Sample Query String:
 "connection": "s3a://xxxxx-bucket",
  "config": {
    "fs.s3a.access.key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "fs.s3a.secret.key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  "workspaces": {
    "root": {
      "location": "/",
      "writable": true,
      "defaultInputFormat": null

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Mageshwaran M
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