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From Paul Rogers <par0...@yahoo.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: Ability to set/change default schema for all sessions.
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2018 20:00:31 GMT
Sounds like you are asking to have the default schema be an attribute of the user. Each time
I log in, I get the "customer" schema, while each time you log in, you get the "sales" schema.

At present, Drill has no concept of a user as an entity. Drill can perform user authentication
using an external system. But, unlike, say, Oracle or MySql, Drill maintains no per-user properties.

Could such a feature be added? Certainly. Perhaps the data could be stored as a LDAP attribute.
Perhaps Drill could keep this information in ZooKeeper. Or, once Drill has a metastore, user
attributes could be stored there as well.

Or, are you asking that a particular schema be the default for everyone in all sessions? That
is, when either you or I log in, we are both presented with the "customer" schema as the default.
Again, this is not possible today, but a global setting fits within Drill's existing code:
just enhance the session initiation code to consult a new System option for the global default

I would recommend filing a JIRA enhancement to track this use case, whichever is the one you
want. And, if you need this feature, please consider implementing it and offering it as a
pull request.

Note that a related request would be session attributes related to tables (or files or schemas).
For example, the "all text mode" for JSON is a session attribute. If I have file a.json that
needs this mode, but file b.json that does not, I have to remember to turn "all text mode"
on and off as I switch between files. Would be very helpful if the "all text mode" setting
was an attribute of the file, and if Drill would then enable/disable it automatically when
I query that file.

Again, today there is no good place to store that information (other than in the script running
queries or in the user's head.) Again, once Drill has a metastore of some kind, session options
could become a property of a table/file/schema.

- Paul


    On Saturday, August 11, 2018, 12:31:11 AM PDT, dsaivarunvishal reddy <saivarunvishal@gmail.com>
 USE schema; would change the default schema for the current session, it
would be useful if we can have ability to change the default schema to look
into through out all sessions.
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