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From Boaz Ben-Zvi <b...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Drill Release 1.14.0
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2018 06:34:57 GMT
On behalf of the Apache Drill community, I am happy to announce the release of Apache Drill

For information about Apache Drill, and to get involved, visit the project website [1].

This release of Drill provides the following many new features and improvements:

- Ability to run Drill in a Docker container. (DRILL-6346)

- Ability to export and save your storage plugin configurations to a JSON file for reuse.

- Ability to manage storage plugin configurations in the Drill configuration file, storage-plugins-override.conf.

- Functions that return data type information. (DRILL-6361)

- The Drill kafka storage plugin supports filter pushdown for query conditions on certain
Kafka metadata fields in messages. (DRILL-5977)

- Spill to disk for the Hash Join operator. (DRILL-6027)

- The dfs storage plugin supports a Logfile plugin extension that enables Drill to directly
read and query log files of any format. (DRILL-6104)

- Phonetic and string distance functions. (DRILL-6519)

- The store.hive.conf.properties option enables you to specify Hive properties at the session
level using the SET command. (DRILL-6575)

- Drill can directly manage the CPU resources through the Drill start-up script, drill-env.sh;
you no longer have to manually add the PID to the cgroup.procs file each time a Drillbit restarts.

- Drill can query the metadata in various image formats with the image metadata format plugin.

- Enhanced decimal data type support. (DRILL-6094)

- Option to push LIMIT(0) on top of SCAN. (DRILL-6574)

- Parquet filter pushdown improvements. (DRILL-6174)

- Drill can infer filter conditions for join queries and push the filter conditions down to
the data source. (DRILL-6173)

- Drill uses a native reader to read Hive tables when you enable the store.hive.optimize_scan_with_native_readers
option. When enabled, Drill reads data faster and applies filter pushdown optimizations. (DRILL-6331)

- Early release of lateral join. (DRILL-5999)


For the full list please see the release notes at [2].

The binary and source artifacts are available here [3].

1. https://drill.apache.org/
2. https://drill.apache.org/docs/apache-drill-1-14-0-release-notes/
3. https://drill.apache.org/download/

     Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to this release!


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