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From <alessandro.pas...@genomedics.it>
Subject R: Help needed : logfile plugin multiline parsing
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2019 14:42:14 GMT
Hallo to everyone...some news about:

1) Insert option into an existing table (parquet file)
2) creation of parquet file with no data..

Thanks a lot to all

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Da: Vincent BENATIER <vbenatier@sp2.fr> 
Inviato: martedì 23 luglio 2019 14:11
A: user@drill.apache.org
Oggetto: Help needed : logfile plugin multiline parsing 

Hi all,

I was if the logfile plugin can handle multiline parsing ? 

When I try my regex syntax online, it works well but I seems that the
"\\r\\n" are note recognized when trying to configure a logfile plugin in
Apache Drill.
Or perhaps I there another way to do but I could not find anything in the
documentation or in the "Learning Apache Drill" book.

Someone could help ?


Regex syntaxes I tried
"(\\[.+\\])(.+) \\r\\n (.+)"

File sample
[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1200450)
External [GLOBAL] macro [@PHASE_INPUT] registered OK

[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1019008)
Reading Application Definition For [ACTUAL]

[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1019009)
Reading Database Definition For [Actual]

[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1019021)
Reading Database Mapping For [ACTUAL]

[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1019010)
Writing Application Definition For [ACTUAL]

[Thu May  2 00:17:50 2019]Local/ACTUAL///1/Info(1019011)
Writing Database Definition For [Actual]

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