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From Anastasiia Sergienko <Anastasiia.Sergie...@exasol.com>
Subject Documentation feedback
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:06:24 GMT
Dear Apache Drill Team,

I'm currently working with a docker version of Drill and I'd like to
provide a small feedback.

I installed a docker version according to the official documentation (
https://drill.apache.org/docs/running-drill-on-docker/) and after that
I tried to connect to Drill via JDBC following this instruction: 
https://drill.apache.org/docs/using-the-jdbc-driver/. It didn't work,
because of the missing port forwarding settings. It took quite a lot of
time to find the problem and the right port. It turned out that I
needed port 31010 for the JDBC connection. After I added it to the
docker run command, it worked fine: docker run -i --name drill-1.16.0
-p 8047:8047 -p 31010:31010 -t drill/apache-drill:1.16.0 /bin/bash.

I think it would be nice if you could add information about JDBC port
forwarding to the documentation.

Best Regards,
Anastasiia Sergienko
Java Developer in Exasol
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