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From "Jaimes, Rafael - 0993 - MITLL" <Rafael.Jai...@ll.mit.edu>
Subject query Presto via Drill
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2020 16:45:36 GMT
As a proof of concept, I thought it might be interesting to see if Drill
could query Presto as if it were a RDBMS.

In theory, I thought it would work because it uses a JDBC driver. I plopped
it into 3rdparty and setup the config (see bottom) and it saves without
error. However it doesn't show up in 'show schemas;' All attempts at
querying it or showing tables fail.

Anyone else crazy enough to attempt this?

If you were wondering, I am interested in a connector that Presto has that
Drill doesn't, but Drill has better support for other things so I'd like to
keep it on top.



  "type": "jdbc",

  "driver": "io.prestosql.jdbc.PrestoDriver",

  "url": "jdbc:presto://presto-url:9999/catalog/schema",

  "username": "user",

  "password": null,

  "caseInsensitiveTableNames": false,

  "sourceParameters": {},

  "enabled": true


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