On the topic of java versions, I am trying to load the Drill JDBC driver in a docker container running Presto and Java 11, I’m getting the following error:


ERROR main io.prestosql.server.PrestoServer 'java.lang.String javax.validation.BootstrapConfiguration.getClockProviderClassName()' java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'java.lang.String javax.validation.BootstrapConfiguration.getClockProviderClassName()'


Some stackoverflow searching shows that others have resolved that error for other projects by changing Java versions (7 to 8 for example). I normally run Drill in a Java 8 environment, but what about the JDBC driver? Should it work in Java 11 or is it 8 only?


My query Presto with Drill experiment has failed, so I am trying it the other way around out of curiosity (query Drill with Presto).