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From "Flink Jira Bot (Jira)" <j...@apache.org>
Subject [jira] [Updated] (FLINK-22443) can not be execute an extreme long sql under batch mode
Date Tue, 25 May 2021 22:57:00 GMT

     [ https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-22443?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel

Flink Jira Bot updated FLINK-22443:

I am the [Flink Jira Bot|https://github.com/apache/flink-jira-bot/] and I help the community
manage its development. I see this issues has been marked as a Blocker but is unassigned and
neither itself nor its Sub-Tasks have been updated for 1 days. I have gone ahead and marked
it "stale-blocker". If this ticket is a Blocker, please either assign yourself or give an
update. Afterwards, please remove the label or in 7 days the issue will be deprioritized.

> can not be execute an extreme long sql under batch mode
> -------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: FLINK-22443
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-22443
>             Project: Flink
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Table SQL / Runtime
>    Affects Versions: 1.12.2
>         Environment: execute command
> {code:java}
> bin/sql-client.sh embedded -d conf/sql-client-batch.yaml 
> {code}
> content of conf/sql-client-batch.yaml
> {code:java}
> catalogs:
> - name: bnpmphive
>   type: hive
>   hive-conf-dir: /home/gum/hive/conf
>   hive-version: 3.1.2
> execution:
>   planner: blink
>   type: batch
>   #type: streaming
>   result-mode: table
>   parallelism: 4
>   max-parallelism: 2000
>   current-catalog: bnpmphive
>   #current-database: snmpprobe 
> #configuration:
> #  table.sql-dialect: hivemodules:
>    - name: core
>      type: core
>    - name: myhive
>      type: hivedeployment:
>   # general cluster communication timeout in ms
>   response-timeout: 5000
>   # (optional) address from cluster to gateway
>   gateway-address: ""
>   # (optional) port from cluster to gateway
>   gateway-port: 0
> {code}
>            Reporter: macdoor615
>            Priority: Blocker
>              Labels: stale-blocker, stale-critical
>         Attachments: flink-gum-taskexecutor-8-hb3-prod-hadoop-002.log.4.zip, raw_p_restapi_hcd.csv.zip
> 1. execute an extreme long sql under batch mode
> {code:java}
> select
> 'CD' product_name,
> r.code business_platform,
> 5 statisticperiod,
> cast('2021-03-24 00:00:00' as timestamp) coltime,
> cast(r1.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_GZ_00002,
> cast(r2.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00007,
> cast(r3.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00005,
> cast(r4.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00006,
> cast(r5.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00029,
> cast(r6.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00028,
> cast(r7.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00015,
> cast(r8.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00014,
> cast(r9.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00011,
> cast(r10.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00010,
> cast(r11.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00013,
> cast(r12.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00012,
> cast(r13.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00027,
> cast(r14.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00026,
> cast(r15.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00046,
> cast(r16.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00047,
> cast(r17.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00049,
> cast(r18.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00048,
> cast(r19.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00024,
> cast(r20.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00025,
> cast(r21.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00022,
> cast(r22.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00023,
> cast(r23.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00054,
> cast(r24.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00055,
> cast(r25.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00033,
> cast(r26.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00032,
> cast(r27.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00053,
> cast(r28.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00052,
> cast(r29.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00051,
> cast(r30.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00050,
> cast(r31.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00043,
> cast(r32.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00042,
> cast(r33.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00017,
> cast(r34.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00016,
> cast(r35.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_GZ_00003,
> cast(r36.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00045,
> cast(r37.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00044,
> cast(r38.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00038,
> cast(r39.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00039,
> cast(r40.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00037,
> cast(r41.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00036,
> cast(r42.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00040,
> cast(r43.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00041,
> cast(r44.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00034,
> cast(r45.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00035,
> cast(r46.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00030,
> cast(r47.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00031,
> cast(r48.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00020,
> cast(r49.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00021,
> cast(r50.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00018,
> cast(r51.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00019,
> cast(r52.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00004,
> cast(r53.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00008,
> cast(r54.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_XT_00061,
> cast(r55.indicatorvalue as double) as YWPT_ZHQI_CD_038_YW_00009,
> localtimestamp as crtime,
> '2021-03-24' as dt
> from prod_mysql_bnpmp.r_biz_product r
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r1 on r1.dt='2021-03-24' and r1.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r1.businessplatform=r.code and r1.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-GZ-00002'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r2 on r2.dt='2021-03-24' and r2.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r2.businessplatform=r.code and r2.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00007'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r3 on r3.dt='2021-03-24' and r3.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r3.businessplatform=r.code and r3.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00005'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r4 on r4.dt='2021-03-24' and r4.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r4.businessplatform=r.code and r4.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00006'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r5 on r5.dt='2021-03-24' and r5.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r5.businessplatform=r.code and r5.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00029'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r6 on r6.dt='2021-03-24' and r6.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r6.businessplatform=r.code and r6.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00028'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r7 on r7.dt='2021-03-24' and r7.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r7.businessplatform=r.code and r7.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00015'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r8 on r8.dt='2021-03-24' and r8.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r8.businessplatform=r.code and r8.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00014'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r9 on r9.dt='2021-03-24' and r9.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r9.businessplatform=r.code and r9.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00011'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r10 on r10.dt='2021-03-24' and r10.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r10.businessplatform=r.code and r10.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00010'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r11 on r11.dt='2021-03-24' and r11.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r11.businessplatform=r.code and r11.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00013'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r12 on r12.dt='2021-03-24' and r12.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r12.businessplatform=r.code and r12.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00012'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r13 on r13.dt='2021-03-24' and r13.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r13.businessplatform=r.code and r13.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00027'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r14 on r14.dt='2021-03-24' and r14.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r14.businessplatform=r.code and r14.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00026'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r15 on r15.dt='2021-03-24' and r15.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r15.businessplatform=r.code and r15.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00046'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r16 on r16.dt='2021-03-24' and r16.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r16.businessplatform=r.code and r16.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00047'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r17 on r17.dt='2021-03-24' and r17.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r17.businessplatform=r.code and r17.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00049'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r18 on r18.dt='2021-03-24' and r18.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r18.businessplatform=r.code and r18.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00048'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r19 on r19.dt='2021-03-24' and r19.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r19.businessplatform=r.code and r19.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00024'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r20 on r20.dt='2021-03-24' and r20.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r20.businessplatform=r.code and r20.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00025'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r21 on r21.dt='2021-03-24' and r21.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r21.businessplatform=r.code and r21.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00022'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r22 on r22.dt='2021-03-24' and r22.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r22.businessplatform=r.code and r22.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00023'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r23 on r23.dt='2021-03-24' and r23.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r23.businessplatform=r.code and r23.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00054'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r24 on r24.dt='2021-03-24' and r24.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r24.businessplatform=r.code and r24.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00055'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r25 on r25.dt='2021-03-24' and r25.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r25.businessplatform=r.code and r25.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00033'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r26 on r26.dt='2021-03-24' and r26.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r26.businessplatform=r.code and r26.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00032'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r27 on r27.dt='2021-03-24' and r27.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r27.businessplatform=r.code and r27.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00053'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r28 on r28.dt='2021-03-24' and r28.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r28.businessplatform=r.code and r28.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00052'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r29 on r29.dt='2021-03-24' and r29.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r29.businessplatform=r.code and r29.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00051'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r30 on r30.dt='2021-03-24' and r30.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r30.businessplatform=r.code and r30.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00050'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r31 on r31.dt='2021-03-24' and r31.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r31.businessplatform=r.code and r31.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00043'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r32 on r32.dt='2021-03-24' and r32.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r32.businessplatform=r.code and r32.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00042'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r33 on r33.dt='2021-03-24' and r33.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r33.businessplatform=r.code and r33.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00017'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r34 on r34.dt='2021-03-24' and r34.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r34.businessplatform=r.code and r34.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00016'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r35 on r35.dt='2021-03-24' and r35.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r35.businessplatform=r.code and r35.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-GZ-00003'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r36 on r36.dt='2021-03-24' and r36.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r36.businessplatform=r.code and r36.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00045'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r37 on r37.dt='2021-03-24' and r37.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r37.businessplatform=r.code and r37.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00044'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r38 on r38.dt='2021-03-24' and r38.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r38.businessplatform=r.code and r38.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00038'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r39 on r39.dt='2021-03-24' and r39.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r39.businessplatform=r.code and r39.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00039'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r40 on r40.dt='2021-03-24' and r40.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r40.businessplatform=r.code and r40.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00037'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r41 on r41.dt='2021-03-24' and r41.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r41.businessplatform=r.code and r41.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00036'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r42 on r42.dt='2021-03-24' and r42.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r42.businessplatform=r.code and r42.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00040'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r43 on r43.dt='2021-03-24' and r43.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r43.businessplatform=r.code and r43.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00041'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r44 on r44.dt='2021-03-24' and r44.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r44.businessplatform=r.code and r44.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00034'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r45 on r45.dt='2021-03-24' and r45.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r45.businessplatform=r.code and r45.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00035'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r46 on r46.dt='2021-03-24' and r46.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r46.businessplatform=r.code and r46.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00030'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r47 on r47.dt='2021-03-24' and r47.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r47.businessplatform=r.code and r47.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00031'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r48 on r48.dt='2021-03-24' and r48.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r48.businessplatform=r.code and r48.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00020'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r49 on r49.dt='2021-03-24' and r49.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r49.businessplatform=r.code and r49.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00021'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r50 on r50.dt='2021-03-24' and r50.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r50.businessplatform=r.code and r50.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00018'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r51 on r51.dt='2021-03-24' and r51.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r51.businessplatform=r.code and r51.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00019'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r52 on r52.dt='2021-03-24' and r52.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r52.businessplatform=r.code and r52.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00004'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r53 on r53.dt='2021-03-24' and r53.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r53.businessplatform=r.code and r53.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00008'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r54 on r54.dt='2021-03-24' and r54.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r54.businessplatform=r.code and r54.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-XT-00061'
> left join raw_restapi_load.p_hcd r55 on r55.dt='2021-03-24' and r55.coltime =cast('2021-03-24
00:00:00' as timestamp) and r55.businessplatform=r.code and r55.indicatornumber='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038-YW-00009'
> where 1=1
> and r.code='YWPT-ZHQI-CD-038'
> and r.type='biz';{code}
> 2. get error 
> {code:java}
> [ERROR] Could not execute SQL statement. Reason:
> java.io.IOException: Can not make a progress: all selected inputs are already finished
> {code}
> 3. execute same sql under streaming mode and get expected output

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