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For configuring the JMS Server, the JMS Network Listeners portlet is available by selecting JMS Server on the Console Navigation menu on the left hand side. When clicking on JMS Server you will be also presented with the JMS Server Manager portlet that displays the JMS brokers available in the server and their status. The following figures illustrate these two portlets and options.

Adding a new JMS broker

To add a new JMS broker, click on the link Add JMS Broker. In the resulting page, you will be presented with a template for the ActiveMQ broker. The following figure illustrates the template:

It contains some customized configurations by Geronimo. It is strongly recommended that you add your own configurations based on the template file, not copy it from elsewhere.

  1. Enter the name of your new broker, in this example, testborker.
  2. By default, do not edit or delete the placeholders in the configuration file. Here is an example:

    Geronimo will replace them with real values in the runtime.
  3. In most cases, you only have to add a new connector for the new borker. Replace the * with an available port number in your machine. Be sure to keep the placeholder style, or some advance features such as Cluster may not work due to port conflict.

    After replacing * with the port number, it should be somewhat like:
    <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://localhost:${60000 + ${PortOffset}}"/>
  4. Click Save, you will be brought back to the JMS Server Manager porlet, and prompted that a new broker is created successfully. The JMS Network Listeners portlet will show the connectors in the new JMS broker.

After creating the JMS broker, some files and folders are created:

  • The folder var/activemq/data/brokerName will be created to hold the data
  • A file named brokerName.xml will be created in the folder var/activemq/conf to hold your broker configuration file.

Details on how to configure connection factories, queues, topics and destinations are covered in the section Configuring JMS.

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