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Geronimo 2.2 Release Status

Release Manager: Joe Bohn
Proposed Branch/freeze date: 12/12/08 1/9/09 1Q2009
Proposed Release Candidate: 1/9/09 1/16/09 1Q2009
Proposed Release date: 1/15/09 1/30/09 1Q2009

Required Items:

Reference Person Description Status
Java SE 6 support Jarek Server can be built or run on Java SE 5 and 6
JAXWS 2.1 Jarek Upgrade to use JAX-WS 2.1
JAXB 2.1 Jarek Upgrade to use JAXB 2.1
Axis2 1.5 Jarek from SNAPSHOT. Upgrade to Axis2 v1.5 that supports JAXWS 2.1. Will also upgrade XmlSchema, Axiom, and Woden  
XmlSchema 1.4.3 Jarek Needed for Axis2 1.5
Axiom 1.2.8 ? Jarek from SNAPSHOT - dependency of Axis2
Woden 1.0 ? Jarek from 1.0-SNAPSHOT - dependency of Axis2 - switched to 1.0M8
CXF 2.1.4 Jarek Upgrade to latest CXF that supports JAXWS 2.1 (remove 2.1.4-SNAPSHOT)  
Custom assembly portlet Lin Enhance custom assembly portlet
Plugin Profiles Lin Enable building custom servers from predefined plugin profiles
GERONIMO-4262 Donald Woods
Include patched build of AMQ 4.1.2 to resolve AMQ-1272 security exposure
GERONIMO-4245 Donald Woods Upgrade to Tomcat 6.0.18 to pickup security fixes
GERONIMO-4266 Donald Woods
Upgrade to DWR 2.0.5 for XSS security fix
GERONIMO-4229 Jarek Gawor clarify use of GERONIMO_HOME vs. GERONIMO_BASE in shell scripts
GERONIMO-4415 David Jencks monitoring console code needs improvement
Upgrade to Javamail spec 1.6 & provider 1.7 Jarek  
OpenEJB 3.1.1 David Blevins from 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT - Need 3.1.1 released first  
Wadi 2.1 Gianny from 2.1-SNAPSHOT
XBean 3.5   from 3.5-SNAPSHOT
geronimo_j2ee-connector_1.6_spec 1.0 David Jencks from 1.0-EA-SNAPSHOT SHOULD BE REMOVED... sig tests  
geronimo-jaspi_1.0_spec 1.0 David Jencks from 1.0-SNAPSHOT  
geronimo-jaspi 1.0 David Jencks jaspi component from 1.0-SNAPSHOT  
geronimo-servlet_3.0_spec Joe from 1.0-EA-SNAPSHOT - No longer an issue. Removed references to servlet_3.0 - N/A
geronimo-concurrent_1.0_spec 1.0 Joe from 1.0-EA-SNAPSHOT
selenium-maven-plugin 1.0 ? Jason Dillon from 1.0-rc-1  
jspc-maven-plugin 2.0-alpha-2 Joe from 2.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT GERONIMO-4421
jspc-compiler-tomcat6 2.0-alpha-2 Joe from 2.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT GERONIMO-4412
ianal-maven-plugin to 1.0-alpha-1 Joe from 1.0-alpha-1-SNAPSHOT GERONIMO-4409
jakarta jstl 1.2 ? Joe Investigate if we can get a jakarta jstl 1.2 release to use instead of glassfish currently being worked by the taglibs team and preparing for a release
ActiveMQ 5.3 David Jencks resolving tck issues and removal of snapshot (5.3-SNAPSHOT)  
TXManager 2.1.2
updated geronimo-connector and geronimo-transaction
MyFaces 1.2.6
optional - if it is released in time and doesn't break TCK
Create 2.2 Docs Joe Create the 2.2 Doc space from the 2.1 docs
Genesis 1.6 or 2.0?   Genesis 1.6-SNAPSHOT now being used. We need to release either Genesis 1.6 or 2.0 and move to that  
Samples   Need to figure out what we should do here ... either ensure 2.1.2 Samples can run on 2.2 (via alias entries) or perhaps release new 2.2 samples  
Doc new features   Ensure we have new features covered in the 2.2 Docs  
Update release notes   Add in resolved issues and known issues into release notes - other updates as necessary  
update README.txt      
legal muck   validate license headers, NOTICE and LICENSE files  
TCK   Final assemblies pass JEE5 TCK (Java SE 5 and 6?)  

Optional Items:

Reference Person Description Status

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