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From Alessandro Presta <>
Subject Re: Order of imports
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 15:35:27 GMT
I think we should strive to make the signal-to-noise ratio of our diffs as
high as possible, while at the same time enforce a certain level of
Besides, we already have a bunch of conventions for imports in
checkstyle.xml, so this is straightforward.
IDEA (and I'm pretty sure Eclipse too) can organize your imports given a
set of rules, and there are also Checkstyle plugins that run checks while
you're coding.

On 6/30/12 6:43 AM, "Jakob Homan" <> wrote:

>My thought is that after reviewing a lot of patches, I honestly don't
>care about the imports... If your IDE can do something sensible with
>them, that's great.  But they have no effect on the code or add any
>extra effort to the code reviews.
>On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 10:34 PM, Avery Ching <> wrote:
>> It's not silly at all.  I suggest that we add some checkstyle rules for
>> enforcing our convention as well.
>> I like AvoidStarImport, RedundantImport, UnusedImports, and (most
>>related to
>> this question) ImportOrder.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Avery
>> On 6/29/12 8:23 AM, Alessandro Presta wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Kind of a silly concern, but nevertheless:
>>> IntelliJ IDEA does a great job at optimizing imports for you. While
>>> so, it also insists in reorganizing them following some logic.
>>> Since it's not nice to have a patch dirtied by imports reordering every
>>> time a different person touches a class, it could be a good idea to
>>>come up
>>> with a convention and configure our IDEs accordingly.
>>> Example (blank lines matter):
>>> org.apache.giraph.*
>>> org.*
>>> com.*
>>> javax.*
>>> java.*
>>> Or any variation you prefer.
>>> If there is agreement we can update the code conventions.
>>> Alessandro

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