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From "Zhang, David (Paypal Risk)" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic graphs vs Graph mutations!
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 01:32:20 GMT
Yes, of course Giraph support dynamic graph mutation.
Graph mutation API is in Vertex class:
You can find some functions like addEdge, reomveEdge, addVertexRequest ...

Zhang, David 

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From: Khaled Ammar [] 
Sent: 2014年9月16日 1:37
Subject: Dynamic graphs vs Graph mutations!

Hi all,

I understand that Pregel supports graph mutations when vertices issue requests to make changes
in the graph topology (add/remove vertex/edge). I have two questions here:

1- Does the same concept applies to supporting dynamic graphs? (Graphs that change over time
where the add/remove vertex/edge is read from a file instead of being generated by the vertex?)
2- Which class/function handles graph mutations in the source code?

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