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From Cristian Vidal Silva <>
Subject How To Define and Link New Input and Output Formats
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2015 12:11:30 GMT
Hey everyone.

Currently, I need to read vertices in the format [Id, Val1, Val2, 
[[taget1, weight1], [target2, weight2]..]], and I want out  simply 
simply , for each vertex, the sum of its values... For example, 
tiny_graph.txt is:


So, the output would be like:

What must I do to achieve this goal? What classes Do I have to define? 
How Do I link these classes?

I hope to get replies to get this goal to advance on my research.

Cristian Vidal Silva
Computer Engineer
Master in Computer Science, University of Concepcion - Chile
Master of Science in Computer Science, Michigan State University, MI - USA
Ph.D(c) in Software Engineering and Technology, University of Seville - Spain

Chilean Fulbright Scholar

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