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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <lewis.mcgibb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] gora-cassandra serialization spec
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 21:04:32 GMT
As I was going to spin an RC for 0.3 this weekend I thought I'd just
give my brief input on this one before the weekend is upon us...

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Kazuomi Kashii <kazuomi@kashii.net> wrote:

> Regarding Gora Hadoop job related parts in your comment, I have not
> checked the detail  yet,
> but it seems that Nutch 2.0 is working with the current stable version
> of gora-cassandra 0.2 with Hector's serializers.


> Also, I cannot find any code related to Hadoop in gora-cassandra, so I
> thought that it should be handled in gora-core.
> I will be checking that part, but if I am totally wrong, please correct me.

I wonder if you managed to get any definitive outcome for this Kaz?

> In summary,
> * gora-cassandra 0.2 uses Hector's serialization; and
> * gora-cassandra 0.3 is not compatible, if  Avro's serialization is
> introduced in 0.3.

IMHO I think it is really important that we retain flawless backwards
compatibility. Generally speaking there has been a pretty large effort
to firstly get Gora more stabilized before opting to do the same for
Nutch 2.X, we are now in a reasonable position to continue building
out and unless it was absolutely necessary then I would vote against
changing to Avro for serialization within gora-cassandra. The decision
was made by Alexis to support Hector as primary Gora client some time
ago, personally i would like to see this committment shadowed
throughout the entire Hector API usage within the module unless of
course the Avro serializers are superior... as no clear argument has
been presented I'm -1 against implementing Avro stuff over Hector
stuff within the module. Finally although the Avro usage within
gora-core and elsewhere is somewhat dated, we are aware of this and
AFAIK there is work in motion to get it updated, however I don't know
how this is progressing. To change the serialization spec in
gora-cassandra for it then to be possibly overhauled would not make
sense to me either.

> so my recommendation is to keep using Hector's serializers in
> gora-cassandra 0.3 and later.

I concur +1. This basically reflects the initial reason for the
DISCUSS thread on the 0.3 release. I think the work which has gone
into especially gora-cassandra (having been slightly neglected in the
past) justifies an interim release.

Thanks guys and in all honesty it would be excellent to kick off more
conversation on this one before the weekend comes around.


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