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From Allen Wittenauer ...@altiscale.com>
Subject IMPORTANT: automatic changelog creation
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 01:09:27 GMT
Hello everyone!

	(to: and reply-to: set to common-dev, cc: the rest of ‘em, to concentrate the discussion)

	HADOOP-11731 has just been committed to *trunk*.  This change does two things:

a) Removes dev-support/relnotes.py
b) Adds dev-support/releasedocmaker.py

	releasedocmaker.py works as a replacement for both the release notes generation process as
well as the CHANGES.TXT file.  As documented in BUILDING.TXT, running ‘mvn site -Preleasedocs’
will generate both the release notes and a change log for that release in markdown format
based upon the FixVersion field in JIRA.  During the creation of the website, these files
are then converted to HTML for use on the apache.org website.   The release notes file only
contains incompatible changes and JIRA that specifically have release notes.  The changes
file only has the data for that release.

	This is obviously an incompatible change.  There is a good chance this code will not appear
in branch-2.  There might be some additional fallout (esp since some folks write code against
CHANGES.TXT) so I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

	Also, I’ll be filing some additional JIRAs/doing some additional work to:

a) remove CHANGES.TXT from trunk
b) pre-populate x amount of Hadoop 2.x release data into trunk so that the auto-indexer can
pick it up
c) update the HowToRelease information with, well, how to do releases based upon these new

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