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WANG Shicai Need Suggestion: Tuning MR performance by changing parameters in Hadoop project and JVM Wed, 02 Jun, 07:52
WANG Shicai which parameters can jobs use differently in the same cluster? Fri, 11 Jun, 02:48
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1878) Add MRUnit documentation Sat, 19 Jun, 01:50
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1887) MRAsyncDiskService does not properly absolutize volume root paths Tue, 22 Jun, 20:20
Age Mooij (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1842) JobID.forName() creates JobID instances that break equality Fri, 04 Jun, 12:14
Allen Wittenauer (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1847) capacity scheduler job tasks summaries are wrong if nodes fail Tue, 08 Jun, 22:36
Allen Wittenauer (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1869) TaskTracker hung in org.apache.hadoop.fs.LocalDirAllocator Tue, 15 Jun, 22:57
Allen Wittenauer (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1884) Remove/deprecate mapred.map.tasks tunable Tue, 22 Jun, 01:47
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1840) [Gridmix] Exploit/Add security features in GridMix Thu, 03 Jun, 05:51
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1844) Tests failing with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Mon, 07 Jun, 08:10
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1863) [Rumen] Null failedMapAttemptCDFs in job traces generated by Rumen Mon, 14 Jun, 09:24
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1865) [Rumen] Rumen should also support jobhistory files generated using trunk Tue, 15 Jun, 06:04
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1876) TaskAttemptStartedEvent.java incorrectly logs MAP_ATTEMPT_STARTED as event type for reduce tasks Fri, 18 Jun, 04:45
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1350) Streaming should allow TextInputFormat keys to be passed through Wed, 02 Jun, 05:04
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1834) TestSimulatorDeterministicReplay timesout on trunk Wed, 02 Jun, 07:57
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1835) TestDelegationTokenRenewal token fails sometimes in branch 0.21 Wed, 02 Jun, 09:41
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-137) org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TestJobDirCleanup.testJobDirCleanup timesout occasionally Mon, 07 Jun, 07:42
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-596) can't package zip file with hadoop streaming -file argument Tue, 08 Jun, 11:54
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1781) option "-D mapred.tasktracker.map.tasks.maximum=1" does not work when no of mappers is bigger than no of nodes - always spawns 2 mapers/node Wed, 09 Jun, 05:14
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-588) streaming failed without printing out the cause (IllegalArgumentException) Wed, 09 Jun, 05:17
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-616) Streaming: when a job is killed, the message should say it was "killed" rather than "failed" Wed, 09 Jun, 07:13
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-578) Unit test fails on linux: org.apache.hadoop.streaming.TestStreamingExitStatus.testReduceFailNotOk Wed, 09 Jun, 07:20
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-607) Streaming has its own methods to monitor jobs. It should use the jobclient methods to monitor the jobs Wed, 09 Jun, 07:29
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1851) Document configuration parameters in streaming Thu, 10 Jun, 04:32
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1852) build/test path is hardcoded in many testcases. Thu, 10 Jun, 05:01
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-499) Revert extra debugging Fri, 11 Jun, 07:58
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1857) Remove unused stream.numinputspecs configuration Fri, 11 Jun, 08:12
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1864) PipeMapRed.java has unintialized members log_ and LOGNAME Tue, 15 Jun, 05:30
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1866) Remove deprecated class org.apache.hadoop.streaming.UTF8ByteArrayUtils Tue, 15 Jun, 08:33
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1867) Remove unused methods in org.apache.hadoop.streaming.StreamUtil Tue, 15 Jun, 09:33
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-580) Streaming doesn't accept -cluster local Tue, 15 Jun, 09:45
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-582) Streaming: if streaming command finds errors in the --config , it reports that the input file is not found and fails Tue, 15 Jun, 11:44
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1888) Streaming overrides user given output key and value types. Wed, 23 Jun, 04:33
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-978) -file option in streaming does not preserve execute permissions Wed, 23 Jun, 05:40
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1895) MapEventFetcherThread should not iterate over jobs that are not localized Fri, 25 Jun, 05:51
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-1888) Streaming overrides user given output key and value types. Wed, 30 Jun, 07:56
Arun C Murthy Re: What is the reason for putting the output of one mapper task into one file ? Thu, 17 Jun, 14:57
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1841) o.a.h.mapreduce.FileOutputCommitter doens't check for existence of ${mapred.output.dir}/_temporary Thu, 03 Jun, 18:44
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1843) Allow for map and reduce specific DistributedCache artifacts Mon, 07 Jun, 05:57
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1872) Re-think (user|queue) limits on (tasks|jobs) in the CapacityScheduler Wed, 16 Jun, 17:26
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1875) Need sample map reduce program for arithmetic calculations from text files and produce the results in hadoop 0.20.2 Thu, 17 Jun, 15:00
Balaji Rajagopalan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1854) [herriot] Automate health script system test Thu, 10 Jun, 17:34
Balaji Rajagopalan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1882) Use Jsch instead of Shell.java Mon, 21 Jun, 11:35
Balaji Rajagopalan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1883) herriot bug with getDaemonConf Mon, 21 Jun, 11:45
Balaji Rajagopalan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1889) [herriot] Ability to restart a single node for pushconfig Wed, 23 Jun, 08:40
Boris Shkolnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1836) Refresh for proxy superuser config (mr part for HDFS-1096) Wed, 02 Jun, 17:21
Boris Shkolnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1855) refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration for MR should use server side configuration for the refresh (for HADOOP-6815) Thu, 10 Jun, 17:54
Chris Douglas Re: Is there any tool in Hadoop for MR job profiling Mon, 07 Jun, 03:56
Chris Douglas New Common/MapReduce committer: Amareshwari Sriramadasu Mon, 07 Jun, 07:36
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1844) Tests failing with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Fri, 25 Jun, 20:43
Christian Kunz (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-1286) Quotes in environment HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS confuse parsing if this env is concatenated with something else Mon, 21 Jun, 01:37
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1599) MRBench reuses jobConf and credentials there in. Tue, 01 Jun, 22:33
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1516) JobTracker should issue a delegation token only for kerberos authenticated client Fri, 11 Jun, 21:48
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1855) refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration for MR should use server side configuration for the refresh (for HADOOP-6815) Wed, 23 Jun, 00:25
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1900) MapReduce daemons should close FileSystems that are not needed anymore Mon, 28 Jun, 18:58
Doug Cutting Re: [RT] map reduce "pipelines" Mon, 14 Jun, 23:09
Eli Collins Re: Contributor Meeting Minutes 05/28/2010 Tue, 01 Jun, 19:25
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1858) TestCopyFiles fails consistently on trunk Sun, 13 Jun, 04:42
Giridharan Kesavan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1886) test org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TestMiniMRChildTask.testTaskEnv fails trunk builds Tue, 22 Jun, 08:58
Gordon Sommers streamxmlrecordreader alternatives Thu, 17 Jun, 15:54
Gordon Sommers Re: Need Sample map reduce program Fri, 18 Jun, 14:34
Greg Roelofs (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1795) add error option if file-based record-readers fail to consume all input (e.g., concatenated gzip, bzip2) Thu, 10 Jun, 21:59
Greg Roelofs (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1897) trunk build broken on compile-mapred-test Fri, 25 Jun, 23:38
Hong Tang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1833) [gridmix3] limit the maximum task duration in sleep job. Wed, 02 Jun, 07:11
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1871) Create automated test scenario for "Collect information about number of tasks succeeded / total per time unit for a tasktracker" Wed, 16 Jun, 07:34
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1890) Create automated test scenarios for decommissioning of task trackers Wed, 23 Jun, 09:32
Jeff Hammerbacher (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1849) Implement a FlumeJava-like library for operations over parallel collections using Hadoop MapReduce Wed, 09 Jun, 21:41
Jeff Zhang What is the reason for putting the output of one mapper task into one file ? Thu, 17 Jun, 02:53
Jeff Zhang Re: What is the reason for putting the output of one mapper task into one file ? Thu, 17 Jun, 16:23
Johannes Zillmann (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1859) maxConcurrentMapTask & maxConcurrentReduceTask per job Fri, 11 Jun, 11:11
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1860) LocalJobRunner should not use JT filesystem to qualify systemdir Fri, 11 Jun, 20:56
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1860) LocalJobRunner should use local filesystem to qualify systemdir Sat, 12 Jun, 00:04
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1862) Distributed Cache doesn't accept paths from non-default filesystems Sat, 12 Jun, 04:55
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1901) Jobs should not submit the same jar files over and over again Wed, 30 Jun, 19:22
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1902) job jar file is not distributed via DistributedCache Wed, 30 Jun, 22:26
Kai Ren (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1873) Add a metrics instrumentation class to collect metrics about fair share scheduler Wed, 16 Jun, 18:26
Karam Singh (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-595) streaming command line does not honor -jt option Tue, 15 Jun, 11:49
Karam Singh (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-617) Streaming should not throw java.lang.RuntimeException and ERROR while displaying help Fri, 18 Jun, 10:57
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1830) Ivy2.0 has bugs: let's upgrate to 2.1.0 Tue, 01 Jun, 18:17
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1856) Extract a subset of tests for smoke (DOA) validation Fri, 11 Jun, 00:34
Konstantin Shvachko (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1832) Support for file sizes less than 1MB in DFSIO benchmark. Wed, 02 Jun, 00:53
Konstantin Shvachko (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1893) Multiple reducers for Slive Thu, 24 Jun, 23:16
Krishna Ramachandran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1850) Include job submit host information (name and ip) in jobconf and jobdetails display Wed, 09 Jun, 22:39
Krishna Ramachandran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1868) Add read timeout on userlog pull Tue, 15 Jun, 18:05
Krishna Ramachandran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1874) Enable column sorting for all JobTracker Administration UI tables Wed, 16 Jun, 23:44
Luke Lu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1442) StackOverflowError when JobHistory parses a really long line Mon, 07 Jun, 21:29
Luke Lu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1442) StackOverflowError when JobHistory parses a really long line Tue, 08 Jun, 16:43
Madeleine PIFFARETTI Question about JobQueueTaskScheduler Mon, 28 Jun, 12:45
Matei Zaharia (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1881) Improve TaskTrackerInstrumentation Sun, 20 Jun, 02:36
Nagarajan, Senthil Kumaran (GE, Corporate, consultant) Need Sample map reduce program Fri, 18 Jun, 08:05
Owen O'Malley Re: [RT] map reduce "pipelines" Wed, 09 Jun, 18:50
Paul Yang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1877) getConetentSummary() for HarFileSystem throws IllegalArgumentException Sat, 19 Jun, 00:31
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1838) DistRaid map tasks have large variance in running times Wed, 02 Jun, 21:37
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1839) HadoopArchives should provide a way to configure replication Thu, 03 Jun, 01:21
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1839) HadoopArchives should provide a way to configure replication Fri, 04 Jun, 18:48
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1892) RaidNode can identify processed files with lesser memory usage Wed, 23 Jun, 22:16
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1894) DistributedRaidFileSystem.readFully() does not return Thu, 24 Jun, 23:38
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1828) Job doesn't fail graciously when an invalid mapred.child.env value is specified Tue, 01 Jun, 09:43
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1885) Trunk compilation is broken because of FileSystem api change in HADOOP-6826 Tue, 22 Jun, 05:03
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1846) Add option to run Slive tests in test jar driver. Tue, 08 Jun, 00:30
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