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From Allen Wittenauer ...@effectivemachines.com>
Subject Re: [Release thread] 2.6.5 release activities
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 19:50:44 GMT

> On Aug 11, 2016, at 8:10 AM, Junping Du <jdu@hortonworks.com> wrote:
> Allen, to be clear, I am not against any branch release effort here. However,

		"I'm not an X but.... "

> as RM for previous releases 2.6.3 and 2.6.4, I feel to have responsibility to take care
branch-2.6 together with other RMs (Vinod and Sangjin) on this branch and understand current
gap - especially, to get consensus from community on the future plan for 2.6.x.
> Our bylaw give us freedom for anyone to do release effort, but our bylaw doesn't stop
our rights for reasonable question/concern on any release plan. As you mentioned below, people
can potentially fire up branch-1 release effort. But if you call a release plan tomorrow for
branch-1, I cannot imagine nobody will question on that effort. Isn't it? 

		From previous discussions I've seen around releases, I think it would depend upon which
employee from which vendor raised the question.

> Let's keep discussions on releasing 2.6.5 more technical. IMO, to make 2.6.5 release
more reasonable, shouldn't we check following questions first?
> 1. Do we have any significant issues that should land on 2.6.5 comparing with 2.6.4?
> 2. If so, any technical reasons (like: upgrade is not smoothly, performance downgrade,
incompatibility with downstream projects, etc.) to stop our users to move from 2.6.4 to 2.7.2/2.7.3?
> I believe having good answer on these questions can make our release plan more reasonable
to the whole community. More thoughts?

	I think these questions are moot though:

* Hadoop 2.6 is the last release to support JDK6.   That sort of ends any questions around
moving to 2.7. 

* There are always bugs in software that can benefit from getting fixes.  Given the JDK6 issue,
yes, of course there are reasons why someone may want a 2.6.5.

* If a company/vendor is willing to fund people to work on a release, I'd much rather they
do that work in the ASF than off on their own somewhere.  This way the community as a whole

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