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From Sean Busbey <sbus...@apple.com.INVALID>
Subject [DISCUSS] check style changes
Date Thu, 13 May 2021 15:10:02 GMT
Hi folks!

I’d like to start cleaning up our nightly tests. As a bit of low hanging fruit I’d like
to alter some of our check style rules to match what I think we’ve been doing in the community.
How would folks prefer I make sure we have consensus on such changes?

As an example, our last nightly run had ~81k check style violations (it’s a big number but
it’s not that bad given the size of the repo) and roughly 16% of those were for line lengths
in excess of 80 characters but <= 100 characters.

If I wanted to change our line length check to be 100 characters rather than the default of
80, would folks rather I have a DISCUSS thread first? Or would they rather a Jira + PR with
the discussion of the merits happening there?


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