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From Akira Ajisaka <aajis...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Change project style guidelines to allow line length 100
Date Thu, 20 May 2021 02:00:51 GMT
I'm +1 to allow <= 100 chars.

FYI: There were some discussions long before:
- https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/7813c2f8a49b1d1e7655dad180f2d915a280b2f4d562cfe981e1dd4e%401406489966%40%3Ccommon-dev.hadoop.apache.org%3E
- https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/3e1785cbbe14dcab9bb970fa0f534811cfe00795a8cd1100580f27dc%401430849118%40%3Ccommon-dev.hadoop.apache.org%3E


On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 6:36 AM Sean Busbey <sbusbey@apple.com.invalid> wrote:
> Hello!
> What do folks think about changing our line length guidelines to allow for 100 character
> Currently, we tell folks to follow the sun style guide with some exception unrelated
to line length. That guide says width of 80 is the standard and our current check style rules
act as enforcement.
> Looking at the current trunk codebase our nightly build shows a total of ~15k line length
violations; it’s about 18% of identified checkstyle issues.
> The vast majority of those line length violations are <= 100 characters long. 100
characters happens to be the length for the Google Java Style Guide, another commonly adopted
style guide for java projects, so I suspect these longer lines leaking past the checkstyle
precommit warning might be a reflection of committers working across multiple java codebases.
> I don’t feel strongly about lines being longer, but I would like to move towards more
consistent style enforcement as a project. Updating our project guidance to allow for 100
character lines would reduce the likelihood that folks bringing in new contributions need
a precommit test cycle to get the formatting correct.
> Does anyone feel strongly about keeping the line length limit at 80 characters?
> Does anyone feel strongly about contributions coming in that clear up line length violations?
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