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From <Hariharan_Sethura...@Dell.com>
Subject HBase client: refreshing the connection
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2015 08:21:02 GMT
Hi All,

We are using 0.94.15 in our Opendaylight/TSDR project currently.

We observed put operation hanged for 20 mins (with all default timeouts) and then throws an
IOException. Even when we re-attempt the same put operation, it hangs for 20 mins again. We
observed there is an zxid mismatch on hbase server logs.

We wanted to get clarified for the following items.

1)      Reducing this hanging time from 20 mins to 5 mins: Looks there are many timeout configuration
(hbase-client, zookeeper, client.pause etc) and it slightly confusing how they are all calculated
with backoff series. If I add the configuration hbase.client.retries.number=3 in hbase-site.xml
will bring  down it to 5 mins?

2)      When we receive this exception, we deletedAllConnections and subsequent put operation
succeeded. We wish to continue this approach. Following is our code where we create HTable.

         HTableInterface htableResult = null;

         htableResult = htableMap.get(tableName);


             if (htableResult == null) {

                 if (htablePool == null || htablePool.getTable(tableName) == null) {

                     htablePool = new HTablePool(getConfiguration(), poolSize);


                 if ( htablePool != null){

                     htableResult =   htablePool.getTable(tableName);




              htableMap.put(tableName, htableResult);

We create 5 tables in our application. Will there be 5 HConnection totally and each HConnection
for each Table? If yes, how do I delete a connection for the given table as most of the delete(All)Connections
in HConnectionManager are deprecated in 0.94.15. No alternatives given in the java doc. Even
if we use deleteConnection, it asks for conf which doesn't bind to any table, correct?

public static void deleteConnection(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf)
Delete connection information for the instance specified by configuration. If there are no
more references to it, this will then close connection to the zookeeper ensemble and let go
of all resources.
conf - configuration whose identity is used to find HConnection instance.

public static void deleteAllConnections(boolean stopProxy)
Deprecated. use deleteAllConnections() instead
Delete information for all connections.
stopProxy - No longer used. This parameter is ignored.

public static void deleteAllConnections()
Delete information for all connections.


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