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From Vitaliy Semochkin <vitaliy...@gmail.com>
Subject Connection Managment in a single JVM
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2020 18:34:49 GMT

If I create a single jvm mulththreaded application, that creates
thousands of HBase requests in parallel (gets,puts, scans),
which connection management approach should I use?

Can I create just one connection and use it in parallel threads as
Connection java doc suggests?
What will be consequences of not closing connections if the object
that instantiated connection was garbage collected together with
connection reference?
Does ConnectionFactory maintains a pool of connection and acts as jdbc
data source, i.e. one should use createConnection and that close after
usage in order to let others to use connection, if so how to manage
the size of the pool?
What is the purpose of a pool in ConnectionFactory?


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