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From l...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1767605 - /helix/site-content/0.6.6-docs/releasenotes/release-0.6.6.html
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2016 04:19:48 GMT
Author: lxia
Date: Wed Nov  2 04:19:48 2016
New Revision: 1767605

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1767605&view=rev
Site checkin for project Apache Helix :: Website


Modified: helix/site-content/0.6.6-docs/releasenotes/release-0.6.6.html
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/helix/site-content/0.6.6-docs/releasenotes/release-0.6.6.html?rev=1767605&r1=1767604&r2=1767605&view=diff
--- helix/site-content/0.6.6-docs/releasenotes/release-0.6.6.html (original)
+++ helix/site-content/0.6.6-docs/releasenotes/release-0.6.6.html Wed Nov  2 04:19:48 2016
@@ -154,8 +154,9 @@
  <div class="section"> 
   <h3 id="Changes">Changes</h3> 
   <div class="section"> 
-   <h4 id="Bug__HELIX-543_Avoid_moving_partitions_unnecessarily_when_auto-rebalancing.">Bug
* [HELIX-543] Avoid moving partitions unnecessarily when auto-rebalancing.</h4> 
+   <h4 id="Bug">Bug</h4> 
+    <li>[HELIX-543] Avoid moving partitions unnecessarily when auto-rebalancing.</li>

     <li>Check Workflow is JobQueue before doing parallel jobs logics.</li> 
     <li>[HELIX-631] AutoRebalanceStrategy does not work correctly all the time.</li>

     <li>Fix NPE when first time call WorkflowRebalancer.</li> 
@@ -179,8 +180,9 @@
   <div class="section"> 
-   <h4 id="Improvement__Add_AbortedJobCount_in_JobMonior.">Improvement * Add AbortedJobCount
in JobMonior.</h4> 
+   <h4 id="Improvement">Improvement</h4> 
+    <li>Add AbortedJobCount in JobMonior.</li> 
     <li>Job Config and logic refactoring with 1)Support identical task initialization
with job command and number of tasks, 2)Remove unused MaxForcedReassignmentPerTask field and
3)Refactor logics of failure.</li> 
     <li>[HELIX-635] GenericTaskAssignmentCalculator rebalance with consistent hashing.
1) Implement consistent hashing mapping calculation, 2) Remove reassign logics and applied
in consistent hashing.</li> 
     <li>Refactor TaskAssignmentCalculator API.</li> 
@@ -202,8 +204,9 @@
   <div class="section"> 
-   <h4 id="New_Feature__HELIX-636_Add_Java_API_and_REST_API_for_clean_up_JobQueue.">New
Feature * [HELIX-636] Add Java API and REST API for clean up JobQueue.</h4> 
+   <h4 id="New_Feature">New Feature</h4> 
+    <li>[HELIX-636] Add Java API and REST API for clean up JobQueue.</li> 
     <li>Add ABORT state in TaskState and set tasks IN_PROGRESS to ABORT when workflow
     <li>[HELIX-568] Add new topology aware (rack-aware) rebalance strategy based on
CRUSH algorithm. Design doc is available at: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/HELIX/Helix+Topology-aware+Rebalance+Strategy.</li>

     <li>[HELIX-634] Refactor AutoRebalancer to allow configuable placement strategy.</li>

@@ -222,16 +225,18 @@
   <div class="section"> 
-   <h4 id="Task__Upgrade_maven_release_plugin_version.">Task * Upgrade maven release
plugin version.</h4> 
+   <h4 id="Task">Task</h4> 
+    <li>Upgrade maven release plugin version.</li> 
     <li>Update Apache POM version.</li> 
     <li>Make sure all dependant service using zookeeper 3.4.9 version.</li> 
     <li>Bump Zookeeper client version to 3.4.9 to catch the fix of session reestablish
failure due to large set of watches.</li> 
   <div class="section"> 
-   <h4 id="Test__Add_integration_test_for_running_task_with_unregistered_command.">Test
* Add integration test for running task with unregistered command.</h4> 
+   <h4 id="Test">Test</h4> 
+    <li>Add integration test for running task with unregistered command.</li>

     <li>Refactor redundant code TestTaskRebalancerRetryLimit.</li> 
     <li>Add test to test task retry with and without delay.</li> 
     <li>Add unit tests to retrieve all workflows and job info from a cluster.</li>

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