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From Evelio Martínez <>
Subject Apache and PUT script handler
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 19:30:33 GMT
Hi all!

I have read this article and
have configured Apache properly. I have used the put script given as example
but I am having some problems. The script is below.

The files are upload only if they don´t exist on the server. If they exist
the client does not finish properly (it seems to "hang"). If I delete the
files by hand
on the server the client works ok.
On the server log I can find the following message:
Broken pipe: client stopped connection before rwrite completed

Server: apache 1.3
client: http components on delphi 5.

Any idea to solve or debug the problem??

Thanks in advance.

Evelio Martínez

---------------------------  script example

# Very simple PUT handler. Read the Apache Week article before attempting
# to use this script. You are responsible for ensure that this script is
# used securely.

# A simple log file, must be writable by the user that this program runs as.
# Should not be within the document tree.
$putlog = "/tmp/put1.log";

# Check we are using PUT method
if ($ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'} ne "PUT") { &reply(500, "Request method is not
PUT"); }

# Note: should also check we are an authentication user by checking

# Check we got a destination filename
$filename = $ENV{'PATH_TRANSLATED'};
if (!$filename) { &reply(500, "No PATH_TRANSLATED"); }

# Check we got some content
$clength = $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'};
if (!$clength) { &reply(500, "Content-Length missing or zero ($clength)"); }

# Read the content itself
$toread = $clength;
$content = "";
while ($toread > 0)
    $nread = read(STDIN, $data, $clength);
    &reply(500, "Error reading content") if !defined($nread);
    $toread -= $nread;
    $content = $data;

# Write it out
# Note: doesn't check the location of the file, whether it already
# exists, whether it is a special file, directory or link. Does not
# set the access permissions. Does not handle subdirectories that
# need creating.
open(OUT, "> $filename") || &reply(500, "Cannot write to $filename");
print OUT $content;

# Everything seemed to work, reply with 204 (or 200). Should reply with 201
# if content was created, not updated.


# Send back reply to client for a given status.

sub reply
    local($status, $message) = @_;
    local($remuser, $remhost, $logline) = ();

    print "Status: $status\n";
    print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";

    if ($status == 200) {
        print "<HEAD><TITLE>OK</TITLE></HEAD><H1>Content Accepted</H1>\n";
    } elsif ($status == 500) {
        print "<HEAD><TITLE>Error</TITLE></HEAD><H1>Error Publishing
 print "An error occurred publishing this file ($message).\n";
    # Note: status 204 and 201 gives have content part

    # Create a simple log
    $remuser = $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'} || "-";
    $remhost = $ENV{'REMOTE_HOST'} || $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'} || "-";

    $logline = "$remhost $remuser $filename status $status";
    $logline .= " ($message)" if ($status == 500);

sub log
    local($msg) = @_;
    open (LOG, ">> $putlog") || return;
    print LOG "$msg\n";

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