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From BAO RuiXian <>
Subject Re: send body timed out
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 13:10:59 GMT
Hello, Joshua,

Strange that I also got my previous mail from the list just couple of days ago.

> My example was sh (bourne shell) syntax.  It needs to be adapted for
> whatever language you use, but the basic idea (put it in the background and

Thanks. How come I forgot the syntax is not for Perl.

> close stdin, stdout, and stderr) should be relatively easy to implement in
> any language.

To be honest, I did not close the stdin, stdout and stderr descriptors, although
I should. I did not do it because my child block only contains one line, i.e.

> You seem to be trying to fork a bunch of different background jobs.  This is
> not necessary.  You simply need to fork one long-lived process, close its
> file descriptors, and have it do all the processing you want.

Yes, indeed. The long processes are inside a module, somehow far-away from the
main program where the loop block locates. If include the loop inside the child,
the child block will be long and printing of the status for each statement
execution will also need to be done inside the child. I am afraid of the longer
the child is, the more problem it might cause.

> I would suggest, if you need further detailed help, that you go to a forum
> specific to the language you are using (perl?) or to one of the cgi forums.

That is true, thanks. Actually, I have already looked some newsgroups, although
it is often like that a right solution needs good experiences from various
aspects of web application, such as CGI, database, programming languages etc.



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