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From Charles Le Gallic <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_rewrite with mod_proxy removes the query string (Apache 2.2.2 - Debian)
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 11:25:07 GMT
Hello all,

I'm trying to setup a reverse proxy configuration based on query
string rewriting with Apache2, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy (and also
mod_auth_cas, but I don't think it deals with my problem).

The request flow :

browser --> first Apache HTTPD (--> mod_rewrite --> mod_auth_cas -->
mod_rewrite --> mod_proxy) --> second level Apache HTTPD --> ....

When the user has been authenticated with CAS (thus providing a
PROXY_MODAUTHCAS cookie), I want his request to be forwarded to the
second Apache.

But as the mod_auth_cas is trying to intercept the "ticket=...."
parameter in the query string, I have a first rewrite rule to change
the name of the "ticket" parameter to "_pticket_" when it's present,
then a second one to restore the original name before proxying.

Then something weird happens, even if the query string and the whole
request are rewritten, the second Apache server only sees the request
uri, but not the query string.

Am I doing something wrong ?

More detail on my virtualhosts configurations :



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