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From Chris Arnold <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSL Not Allowing Access to Site
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 22:11:29 GMT
Apache 2.4.10 on SLES12. Apache 2.4.10 reverse proxy facing the internet that "proxies" https
requests to webapp on a different server on the same LAN. Trying to "proxy"
This works in apache 2.2.12:

ProxyPass /ifolder
ProxyPassReverse /ifolder

So when you type in the browser you get a 500 error during SSL
handshake. I expect to see a login page that resides on the different server. The apache log
says the same thing. I have SSLProxyCheckPeerName Off in the ssl vhost. I have also tried
the working sslciphersuite with the same results. The certificate is from the working apache
2.2.12 install with the same key and intermediate bundle (godaddy). I feel like apache 2.4.10
has something turned on by default that stops certificates that don't match from working.
Apache has the cert and the webapp runs on https.

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