Dear Team,


We are planning to upgrade our apache web server in production from 2.2.15 to 2.2.24. According to your documentation below steps are described -


To upgrade across minor versions, start by finding the file config.nice in the build directory of your installed server or at the root of the source tree for your old install. This will contain the exact configure command line that you used to configure the source tree. Then to upgrade from one version to the next, you need only copy the config.nice file to the source tree of the new version, edit it to make any desired changes, and then run:


$ ./config.nice

$ make

$ make install

$ PREFIX/bin/apachectl -k graceful-stop

$ PREFIX/bin/apachectl -k start


Unfortunately we could not find config.nice in our web server directory or machine. Could you please let us know any other feasible solutions to achieve this challenge.


Thank you.