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From Paul Spangler <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache 2.4.12+ on Windows x64 stops responding to requests
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 23:23:52 GMT
On 8/9/2016 12:07 PM, Jacob Champion wrote:
> At this point, my primary suspect is our use of recycled OVERLAPPED
> structs without reinitializing them to zero. To make matters worse,
> we're setting the OVERLAPPED's internal .Pointer field in the
> AcceptFilter 'data' case -- which we're not supposed to be doing to
> begin with [1]. We don't do that in the 'connect' filter.
> This is all just theorycrafting, though. I'll try to reproduce on my end
> too.
> --Jacob
> [1]
> (the Members > Pointer section)
I think I've finally had some success finding a reproduction of this 
issue, though it's somewhat involved. I set up an instance of Apache 
2.4.16 64-bit (built from source) on a Windows 7 machine and spun up an 
instance of WANem ( in a VirtualBox VM 
hosted on my client machine (also Windows 7).

WANem configuration (Advanced Mode):
Bandwidth - 100Mbps
Random Disconnect Type - tcp-reset
Random Disconnect MTTF Low - 1
Random Disconnect MTTF High - 3
Random Disconnect MTTR Low - 0
Random Disconnect MTTR High - 0

This instructs WANem to inject a TCP RST into connections that pass 
through it every 1 to 3 seconds (then recover after 0 seconds).

Then on my client machine, I added a route to the server that passes 
through the WANem gateway (cmd prompt: ROUTE ADD <server-ip> <WANem-ip>).

Finally, I ran a program on the client that makes 10 cURL requests in 
parallel repeatedly, performing a GET on a simple index.html page (well, 
a 28 KB HTML page). Eventually, even requests made to localhost on the 
server machine stop responding (they hang until the client times out).

Nothing shows in the error logs (I tried up to debug verbosity), and 
once it reproduces, no more entries appear in the access logs. I have to 
restart the server, though I haven't tried letting it sit for a period 
of time to see if it recovers on its own.

When I do the whole process again with "AcceptFilter http connect", it 
does not reproduce, and requests continue to work (when not being reset 
by WANem).

Not easy to set up, but at least it doesn't involve a browser or 
specific content on the server. I've seen it reproduce almost 
immediately, but it usually does so within 10 seconds or so.

I'll see if Wireshark shows anything interesting going on around the RSTs.
Paul Spangler
National Instruments

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