Hi All,

Currently, we are using apache as reverse proxy server.
We have a new use case, where clients would send their callback endpoint to our backend server for long running tasks. Then after completing the long running task, the server would use the client's callback endpoint to send the response.

I have done some study on this and got to know apache needs to be configured as Forward proxy.

The official documentation says "Apache HTTP Server can be configured in both a forward and reverse proxy (also known as gateway) mode". 

The reverse proxy can be activated by using "ProxyPass" directive.
The forward proxy can be activated by using "ProxyRequests" directive.

The doc also says, "The ProxyRequests directive should usually be set off when using ProxyPass.

I could not further details about this topic.

Could you please confirm can we configure apache to behave as forward and reverse proxy?
It is not possible to achieve that, could you please suggest any alternatives.

Thanks in Advance.

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