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From Drill Brain <>
Subject [users@httpd] Redirect SITEB to SITEA while maintaining SITEB address in browser
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 16:10:10 GMT

Low hour apache user.  Hosting is godaddy on a unix share, apache 2.4.3-25.  Web content languages
are perl and php.

We own several Domains that serve local markets.  These sites are essentially identical save
for the 
content tweaked for the local user.  Right now, both pages served and the local site's environment
be considered the same.  As we move to a central location, this will, over time, not be true.

We want to maintain the domain names.  We want users to be redirected to the central site.
 But, here's
the catch.  We want to maintain the illusion that the anonymous user, visitor, is still at
his local site.

If this can be done please continue. (We're ready to do the craigslist thing with the local
selector if we 

The illusion has two main parts.  First is the page rendering which we can handle simply.
 All we have
to know is what site branding should be used.  Session vars have been used for this purpose.
 I assume
a redirection can carry data that allows us to set this session var.

The second part is the mystery to me and involves apache (if it can indeed be done).  

#?  How do get the browser to display a url pointing to the old site while browsing at the
new site? 
We don't want a page with SITEB branding to show a SITEA address (SITEA is the new central
with all the files and database)

If this is possible what I'd really appreciate is a link to examples or directions on what
to read in the documentation 
with notes on what to pay particular attention to.  I can formulate more directed questions
as I wade thru it. 

I love examples.

Thank you.

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