Thanks for the feedback, i am looking for actual solutions i can apply and have control of. As i pointed out, i cannot control what i cannot control.

On Thu, May 23, 2019, 11:28 AM @lbutlr <> wrote:

On 22 May 2019, at 14:29, Shmuel Krakower <> wrote:
> I guess I should add few pieces of information.
> The client is one SaaS and the backend is another SaaS. The backend returns 302 which is right but the client consider anything which is not 2xx as error which cause it to retry.

So, that simply moves the incorrect behavior from eh backend to the server you do control.

302 is not a "retry" request, and treating it as such would be considered abusive.

> Therefore I must "hack" or stitch it with a proxy. I am using mod_proxy.
> My other alternative is to use other software than httpd to stitch those two services and show 200 instead of the 302.

Or fix the software that doesn't understand what a 302 code is.

> The solution mentioned in stackoverflow will not work for 302 response as I cannot set error page for such non-error response codes.

Of course not, it's not an error code, it's a success code.

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