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From David Mehler <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] issues downloading zip files
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2019 03:35:33 GMT

No, it's not a hosted web site.
It is not being run from home on a cable/dsl connection.
I do not know if it's a hosted physical/virtual server, I'll say yes
for the purposes of this discussion.

This problem started last month, prior to that everything was working
fine. The files are not identical month to month, but they are nearly
so in file size, we're talking 100 megs or less.
I do not believe the firewall setup changed, I will inquire.

Issues, means that some not all users atempting to download the files
from the server weree successful, while others myself included were
not. I can only speak for myself with the problem that the file
stops/times out at approximately 64% of the total file download.

File sizes are between 60 megabytes and 100 megabytes max.

Older files archived are able to be downloaded without a problem.

I do not know what appears in the apache log files, again I'll have to
ask, these files are private, I was asked to help and as I myself am
clueless I threw this one to the list hoping for some suggestions some
ideas I didn't have.

I can speak to the admin and arrange some packet captures, see what
that tells us and write back with any new information/questions.


On 11/2/19, Antony Stone <> wrote:
> On Saturday 02 November 2019 at 22:13:17, David Mehler wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm throwing this out there hoping someone can help me. I've got a
>> friend who has some zip files he periodically puts on his server
> Is this a "hosted website", where your friend has very little control over
> the
> Apache setup; is it a "hosted server" (virtual or physical), where he has
> full
> control of Apache; and is it something he's running from home on a DSL/cable
> connection which may have outbound traffic restrictions?
>> to download, monthly. Last month and this month
> So, not before?  Has anything changed about the size of the files, between
> two
> months ago and last month?
> Any difference in the firewalling setup?
>> some users including myself had issues
> Define "issues".  It's a word which I never understand what it means
> differently
> from "problems", and even then, what *are* the issues, or problems, as the
> case may be?
>> downloading them. For me the problem came at approximately 64% of the file
>> it
>> timed out.
> How much is 64% as a quantity of data?
> Are we talking about trying to download a 1Mbyte file, a 1Gbyte file, or a
> 1Tbyte file?
>> This happened with both IE, chrome on a desktop, and Android browser on
>> Oreo.
> Can you still download older files without a problem, as you were able to
> previously?
>> I don't have any more details on their setup,
> That might be a problem.
>> does anyone have an idea as to what might be going on? Right now we're
>> clueless.
> What appears in the Apache log files for those download attempts?
> Is there any chance of doing a packet capture on the server (or for that
> matter on the client) to see whether something is simply timing out, or
> whether a TCP RST or similar is being sent for some reason?
> Are these private / sensitive files, or could you give us a URL which we can
> try to download from, in order to see what might be happening?
> Antony.
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