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From Brice Waegeneire <>
Subject [users@httpd] How to automate the migration from mod_access_compat to mod_authz_host (2.2 -> 2.4)
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2020 08:48:24 GMT
Hello Apache users,

I'm in the process of migrating several Apache configurations from 2.2 
to 2.4 so I'm looking for a tool to automate that. Is it possible ? Do 
such tools already exists ?

The documentation about the replacement of mod_access_compat by 
mod_authz_host is very well documented in the upgrading doc[0], but 
there isn't any information about tools that can help doing such 
upgrades. Since I'm not well versed in Apache history, I wonder how 
often did such directive depreciation took place, how it went down and 
what tools where used to eased such depreciation.

I know there are some some libraries in perl[1] and python[2] to parse 
Apache configuration that could help in that adventure but the former 
hasn't been updated for 5 years and the later has some issues outputting 
a valid config (ex. issues #101 and #105).

I'm open to any suggestion or comments about this subject.





Brice WAEGENEIRE <> - SysAdmin support Evolix
Evolix - Hébergement et Infogérance Open Source
Marseille (37 rue Guibal, Pôle Média, 13003) / Paris / Montréal | Twitter: @Evolix @EvolixNOC |

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