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From Gabriele Bulfon <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Self built httpd 2.4.43 problems
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2020 15:17:44 GMT
Thanks, I configured and ran server-status after stopping/starting apache.
Top output is:
Current Time: Monday, 02-Nov-2020 16:16:14 CETRestart Time: Monday, 02-Nov-2020 16:04:54 CETParent
Server Config. Generation: 1Parent Server MPM Generation: 0Server uptime: 11 minutes 20 secondsServer
load: 0.16 0.23 0.35Total accesses: 553 - Total Traffic: 10.6 MB - Total Duration: 1637098CPU
Usage: u4.22 s.41 cu0 cs0 - .681% CPU load.813 requests/sec - 15.9 kB/second - 19.6 kB/request
- 2960.39 ms/request5 requests currently being processed, 95 idle workers
What should I check?
Also, when system blocks I won't be able to see server-status, as it will be not responding.
Should I check it daily and look for a specific info that grows?
Sonicle S.r.l. 
eXoplanets :
Da: Rainer Canavan
Data: 2 novembre 2020 14.24.06 CET
Oggetto: Re: [users@httpd] Self built httpd 2.4.43 problems
On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 11:13 AM Gabriele Bulfon
Recently we built version 2.4.43 and installed on a test machine.
Here, we are experiencing a problem where almost once a week we have to restart apache, which
is no more responding.
Threads are there, but none is answering on port 80, waiting forever.
What may be the issue?
Lots of options, more information needed. If it's an issue that slowly
eats up your worker threads, monitoring the server-status page with
ExtendedStatus On may provide good hints. Otherwise, wait until it
stops responding and try to check with strace if anything suspicious
is going on. Finally, check
"thread apply all bt" in a gdb session attached to some of the blocked
processes, possibly a few times with cont and Ctrl+C inbetween to see
where it's really waiting. You may need to re-build with debug info,
and/or install the debug info for all libraries your httpd is linked
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